About Rumbaba Charters St. Thomas

About Rumbaba

 Rumbaba has been sailing the breathtaking waters of the Carribean with guests for over 12 years! If you’ve sailed with us before, you may remember sailing with Captain Bobby or Captain Chad, both previous owners/captains. Our current team consists of Captain Melissa, Captain Alexander, and Captain Chad. Rumbaba Charters continues to provide customers with outstanding customer service and a truly unique, exciting experience. Read on to learn more about each member of our current Rumbaba crew.

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Our Crew

Melissa, Rumbaba ChartersMelissa

Owner, Captain, Mate

Captain Melissa has been sailing the beautiful waters of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands since 2010. A former chemistry teacher, she has a passion for teaching and learning. She enjoys sharing history, geology, marine biology, and knowledge about her beautiful island home, St. Thomas. To provide guests with a sense of being at home while on the ocean, Melissa draws on her varied background in science, scuba diving, travel, and island life. Sit back and enjoy our private sailboat charter with Captain Melissa — you’ll learn all there is to know about island life!

Alexander, Rumbaba Charters

Captain, Safety Officer, Grill Master

Like Melissa, Captain Alexander has years of experience and knowledge about sailing and living on St. Thomas. His prior experience comes from captaining tall ships and racing sailboats. Not only does Alexander love telling tales of the high seas and sharing local history — his expert grilling skills will give your taste buds a thrill!

Chad, Rumbaba ChartersChad

Relief Captain, Previous Owner

After being on or around the water his whole life, Captain Chad has a passion for the seas, especially near the Virgin Islands. He has been visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands since the 1990s, making him quite familiar with the culture of island life. Captain Chad enjoys sharing  his experience and passion for sailing, the ocean, and the marine environment with our guests. Whenever Captain Chad gets back down to St. Thomas, we invite him to sail with us aboard Rumbaba, just like old times!

With years of experience in sailing and the local seas, our professional crew is highly-qualified to provide you with a unique, thrilling vacation adventure!

Join Rumbaba Charters for an unforgettable St. Thomas day sail full of fun and adventure. Our sailing excursions offer breathtaking views, world-class snorkeling, and delicious food. Rumbaba will be the highlight of your trip to the US Virgin Islands!